Alarm clock receiver

Tootekood: 60-RLC2

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Jenile RLC20 luminous alarm clock and receiver consolidates all notifications and allows you to be informed about everything that is happening in the house thanks to various pictograms. Access for the visually impaired. Option to set two different alarms for deaf couples. It is possible to connect Jenile to 21 transmitters. Indicates by flashing that the transmitter has given a signal (see picture on the right). It will not stop flashing until you have noticed the signal and touched the alarm clock with your hand. With the luminous alarm clock and receiver RLC20, you can wake up thanks to its progressive light that simulates the sun’s rays. You can choose to wake up with a light or vibrating pillow vibration (optional).

The receiver signals with light: 🔴Red: emergency situations – smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, water level detector; 🟢Green: door bells and call button; 🔵Blue: baby monitors, sms flasher – calls, sms; ⚪️Colorless: motion sensor, door/window opening sensor.

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