BORT OmoTex Traction shoulder and arm orthosis

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Immobilization is a common method of treating injuries caused by trauma and overuse, which significantly speeds up the treatment process and reduces possible additional injuries. The shoulder and arm orthosis supports damaged tissue structures (joints, ligaments, joint capsules, cartilage). BORT OmoTex is an active support for the treatment of the shoulder joint, it has a centering effect on the shoulder joint and the ability to limit the external rotation of the shoulder joint.

Choose the size according to the size chart

Size Arm circumference
1 24 – 28 cm
2 28 – 32 cm
3 32 – 36 cm
4 36 – 40 cm

How to use:
BORT OmoTex shoulder and arm orthosis should be installed by a professional in their field. Pull the support over the affected shoulder. Then pull the retaining loop in front and behind the head and place the whole arm through the retaining loop so that the strap runs diagonally across the chest, without injuring the neck, and crosses under the opposite shoulder. Pull the straps to the desired tension and then pull the belly strap behind the upper body. Route the vertical abdominal and back strap through the loop at navel level and optimize the fit of the support by simultaneously pulling the straps. The inner silicone pad is in the correct position when it rests on the upper arm and surrounds the head of the upper arm. If necessary, the elastic cross straps in the shoulder area can be tightened by adjusting the hook loop fasteners. The tightening strap makes it possible to further limit the external rotation of the shoulder joint. To do this, guide the strap through the holding loop on the support and fasten the hook loop fasteners on the abdomen.

Chronic post-traumatic or post-operative irritation of the soft tissues of the shoulder region, i.e. in case of arthrosis.

Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD), impaired lymphatic drainage and indistinct soft tissue swelling away from applied support, loss of sensation, circulatory problems and skin rash in the treated body area.

Orthosis: 65% polyamide 28% elastodiene 7% viscose Pad: 100% silicone

The product is intended for use by one person only. If you have to wear the orthosis at night as recommended by your doctor, avoid obstructing blood circulation. If you feel numbness, remove or loosen the orthosis. If you continue to have complaints, contact your doctor immediately. In case of pressure points, chafing or other similar symptoms, immediately contact an orthopedist or medical doctor to check the fit of the orthosis. Do not use creams or other ointments while using the support, as they may damage the material of the product. The product contains latex and may cause allergic reactions.

HAIGEKASSA DISCOUNT: The product can be bought with a discount from the Health Insurance Fund!

NB! The basis for purchasing orthotics with a national discount is a medical device card that can be prescribed by family and specialist doctors. NB! On 01.01.2022, the Health Insurance Fund took over the financing of various medical devices from the Social Insurance Board, and the possibilities of obtaining several aids at a discount changed significantly, read more here.

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