BT SPLINT Instability orthosis

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This orthosis is specially designed to support the radiocarphalanx, carpometacarpal and tarsometatarsal joints. That is ideal to use wrist and heel hyperexin case of stension or hyperflexion, small ligamentin case of distortions, stretches and cracks, if conservative treatment is preferred to surgical intervention. If used on the front limb, it is also recommended to use BT Joint orthosis, because using it on the whole leg helps the dog can better compensate for the added weight, which is due to weakness in the other leg. If you want to use the BT Splint orthosis on the back leg, then we recommend to use BT Joint orthosis on both front leg. When installing the orthosis on the foot, it is not important that the white edges would be opposite each other, as the orthosis is attached to the blue ones with the help of straps and stability is ensured by splints, which are on the back of the orthosis.
Effective, practical, ergonomic: BT Splint is just that everything. A robust malleable metal splint inside the fabric follows the shape of the arm up to the paw pad, stabilizing the corresponding area and allowing the dog enough movementspace. Also, the orthosis is ideal for the ligaments underneath it to protect, ensuring faster healing.

Size XXS and XS can also be used for cats.
Strong malleable metal splint.
Breathable material.
Hand washable.
The orthosis can be used before and after surgery.
A dog is recommended for the duration of the restriction
not to leave him alone for a long time so that he cannot
remove or damage the orthosis.
The orthosis is designed to be worn indoors.
In order to wear it outside without damaging it,
you could put on a protective shoe or sock over the orthosis,
which can be purchased from a pet store.

Size Weight
XXS* UP TO 2 kg
XS up to 5 – 7 kg
S up to 15 kg
M up to 25 – 30 kg
L over 30 kg

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