Ice grip with 1 spike

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A universal size ice tip with a single point is suitable for both crutches and sticks. Helps prevent slipping on ice.

Product Introduction and purpose

Intended for use with walking sticks and crutches on slippery ground (snow, ice). Suitable for a walking stick (crutch) with a diameter of 17-22 mm, the person’s weight should not exceed 100 kg. The contact surface of the stick should be 30-45 mm. Attached with two screws to a walking stick at a sufficient height, so that indoors it is possible to raise the tip to a safe position with a simple push.

Instructions for use

Installation: Unscrew 2 screws, remove the mounting plate and place the device so that the rubber tip is pressed against the tooth plate. Then attach 2 screws and a mounting plate to the device on a walking shot (crutch) so that the upward tooth plate is safe on the leg. By pressing on both sides of the plastic handle, you can turn up the tooth plate and use a walking stick (crutch) without an ice grip. One month after the start of use, it is necessary to check the fastening of the screws. The distance between the rubber nozzle and the tooth plate must be no more than 1 mm.

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