Natural toothpaste tablets

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Others natural toothpaste tablets that work better than toothpaste! Others tablets are: Plastic-free Easy to use Natural Effective Travel-friendly Vegan 98% smaller carbon footprint compared to regular toothpaste (ClimateKIC)

Hydroxyapatite (HA as a natural alternative to fluoride strengthens and smooths tooth enamel and makes teeth less sensitive) Xylitol (An anti-cariogenic sweetener that helps prevent tooth decay and cavities) Sodium cocyl isethionate (A weak acid found in coconut oil that makes tablets foam and teeth shine instead of SLS) Calcium carbonate ( A common mineral, the tiny particles of which gently clean and polish the teeth) There are 45 pcs in a jar Flavors: 1. Spearmint (with fluoride) (Yellow) 2. Tea tree and activated carbon (Pink) 3. Lemon (blue) All Others products are produced according to EC regulations 1223/ 2009 on the safety of cosmetic products.


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