Pharmaceris E – soothing and softening cream that reduces irritation and itching 200 ml

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Pharmaceris soothing and emollient cream that reduces irritation and itching is recommended for the daily care of very dry, sensitive and atopic skin and skin prone to irritation and allergic reactions due to environmental aggressors Recommended for chronically dry, itchy skin prone to excessive peeling, keratinization and microdamage. Suitable for children and adults with atopic dermatitis and atopic eczema, without age restrictions. Recommended during and after pharmacological treatment to accelerate skin recovery between topical steroid treatments.


The Pharmaceris brand of skin care products has been created to care for the integrity of problematic skin. This pharmacy cosmetics was developed by a group of experts who combined innovative dermatology and cosmetics solutions to create products that meet the needs of even the most demanding and hard-to-maintain skin types, i.e. problem skin.

All Pharmaceris dermocosmetics products are dermatologically tested, and selected product lines are also clinically tested in independent research institutes.

Suitable for preventing skin problems as well as for proper skin care.

Active ingredients: Vitamin E, honeysuckle, rapeseed oil, lanolin, avocado oil and hemp oil

Effect: Rich composition with strong lipids. Additional and softening properties support deep hydration and regeneration of the skin during periods of exacerbation of symptoms: severe dryness, scaling, keratinization and micro-damages of the epidermis. Forms a protective film on the skin to prevent these symptoms from worsening or recurring. Prevents skin irritation, redness, itching and burning. The nourishing and soothing combination of rapeseed oil and hemp oil, known for relieving skin itching, burning and inflammation, shows medicinal efficacy in the care of chronically dry and atopic skin. These ingredients restore comfort to tight, rough and irritated skin. The cream reduces skin flaking and dryness symptoms, smoothes the skin surface. The lipids, which mimic the skin’s natural hydrolipidic coat in their composition and structure, along with avocado oil and vitamin E, provide the skin with important nutrients and visibly soften the epidermis.

Application: Apply to cleansed and dry skin. For daily use, 1-2 times a day.

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