Pharmaceris E – bath emulsion strengthening the natural hydrolipidic barrier 400 ml

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Pharmaceris Hydrolipid Barrier Strengthening Bath Emulsion is designed for daily softening baths. Together with water, it forms a gentle, moisturizing bath emulsion. Effectively removes dirt from the skin without damaging its hydrolipidic layer. The rich composition, based on a unique combination of hemp oil and rapeseed oil, is very effective in caring for dry skin prone to allergic reactions. Natural oils supplement the lack of lipids and restore proper cohesion of the epidermis. They also prevent excessive transepidermal water loss, ensuring long-term hydration and replenishing lipids. The emulsion soothes and relieves irritation, eliminating the discomfort caused by tight, dry and itchy skin. It also strengthens the hydrolipid mantle, reducing its susceptibility to the harmful effects of environmental aggressors and the risk of skin irritation and symptoms of aggravated atopic dermatitis.


The Pharmaceris brand of skin care products has been created to care for the integrity of problematic skin. This pharmacy cosmetics was developed by a group of experts who combined innovative dermatology and cosmetic solutions to create products that meet the needs of even the most demanding and hard-to-maintain skin types, i.e. problem skin.

All Pharmaceris dermocosmetics products are dermatologically tested, and selected product lines are also clinically tested in independent research institutes.

Suitable for preventing skin problems as well as for proper skin care.

Active ingredients: Soybean oil, rapeseed oil and hemp oil

Use: Newborns and babies up to 6 months old: pour 1-2 capfuls into a bath filled with water. The water temperature should be around 37 degrees. Gently wash the baby’s body and scalp. Dry the skin gently with a towel without rubbing. Together with water, it forms a delicate milky emulsion. Be careful in the bath, because the product leaves a slippery layer on the surface of the bath. Children and adults: pour 4 caps into a bath filled with water. Proceed as previously written.

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