Pharmaceris S Waterproof moisturizing and protective sun cream for the body SPF50+ 150 ml

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Recommended for delicate, sensitive and problematic skin that needs strong protection. Minimizes the risk of hyperpigmentation during dermatological treatment and after aesthetic procedures.
Use: Apply a sufficient amount of cream to the face 20-30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Reapply every two hours or every time after washing or swimming.
High tolerance and efficiency. Dermatologically tested. Advanced formula designed for very sensitive skin.
Effectiveness is confirmed by clinical tests on delicate and sensitive skin:
97% restores and nourishes the skin
93% reduces the risk of pigment spots
93% smoothes
90% soothes and relieves
– enhanced protection against UVA radiation*
– effective long-term UV protection more than 98%
– reduces the risk of sunburn, sun irritation and discoloration
– nourishes and smoothes the skin
* higher than recommended by the European Commission
WARNING! Excessive exposure to the sun can seriously endanger your health. Sunscreen products do not provide 100% protection.
Storage conditions: 5-25 degrees Celsius

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