Tights Avicenum, 70den

Tootekood: 330-A70AT

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Tights of the first compression class (10 – 17 mmHg). Tights with reinforced sole. Contains microcapsules that help improve blood circulation in skin tissues.

Comfortable tights for long and difficult journeys. The product does not contain latex. Compression class I medical compression stockings alleviate the symptoms of incipient venous insufficiency and the feeling of fatigue and tension in the legs. It is intended for daily use. Contains antimicrobial deodorizing Swiss silver. The durability of the product is significantly increased by the reinforced heel part. • spider veins • tired and heavy legs • occasional or evening swelling • discomfort in legs after long standing or sitting (risk areas) • prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy • prevention of travel thrombosis • prevention of venous thromboembolism in immobilized patients Material: LYCRA® energize: It is a fiber that ensures perfect elasticity of the material. It is elastane that ensures the compressive effect of the products while maintaining elasticity. Material: LYCRA® energize fiber ensures full elasticity of the material. Elastan ensures the compressive effect of products, maintaining elasticity. Composition: 69% PAD nylon, 31% elastane LYCRA. Cleaning: Do not use fabric softener. Machine wash at 30°C. No bleaching. Do not tumble dry. Ironing is prohibited. Dry cleaning prohibited. When determining the size of compression stockings, pay attention to the measurements. The correct function of the stocking depends on it. It is best to measure in the morning, as the limbs swell during the day. Measure everything as required by the product size chart. When choosing the size, the most important values are points b (circumference above the ankle), d (circumference below the knee) and g (circumference 5 cm below the crotch).


M 164-170/108
M+ 164-170/116-124
L 170-176/108-116
L+ 170-176/116-124
XL 176-182/108-116

S+ (158-164/166-124)
S (158-164/100)

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