BORT Asymmetric® Plus knee support

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BORT Asymmetric® Plus knee orthosis supports damaged tissue structures. The compression of the orthosis supports the ligaments while relieving pressure on the joints. In addition, the support helps prevent incorrect movement of the foot. Both medial and lateral lateral splints stabilize the knee joint. Adjustable straps fix the splints on the thigh and lower leg. If necessary, the splints can be adjusted according to the contour of the foot (the splints must be removed for this). The BORT Asymmetric®Plus knee orthosis guides and stabilizes the femur using a lateral/proximal silicone half-ring.

TO USE: Open all Velcro fasteners

  1. Slide the knee orthosis onto the leg and pull it over the knee. Place the BORT Asymmetric®Plus orthosis on the knee joint so that the silicone half-ring supports the patella laterally.
  2. Next, fasten the straps on the thigh and lower leg.
  3. Then open the small velcro above the patella, pull it down towards the inside of the leg and attach it to the velcro on the inside of the leg.
    It is recommended to put on the BORT Asymmetric®Plus knee support in a sitting position.
  4. Before removing the BORT Asymmetric®Plus knee support, undo the Velcro fasteners. Otherwise, it is not possible to remove the knee support, and if you forget to open the velcro fasteners, you may accidentally damage the product itself.

Patella alta, patella lateralization, runner’s knee syndrome, patellar dislocation, patellar subluxation, postoperative use.

65% polyamide 28% elastodiene 7% viscose

Size Calf circumference (15cm below the knee) Thigh circumference (15 cm above the knee)
S 26 – 29 cm 32 – 36 cm
M 29-33 cm 36-40 cm
M+ 29-33 cm 40-44 cm
L 33-37 cm 40-44 cm
L+ 33 – 37 cm 44 – 48 cm
XL 37 – 41 cm 44 – 48 cm
XL+ 37 – 41 cm 48 – 52 cm
XXL 41 – 45 cm 52 – 56 cm
XXL+ 41 – 45 cm 56 – 60 cm
XXXL 45 – 49 cm 60 – 64 cm
XXXL+ 45 – 49 cm 64 – 68 cm

Helts Insurance DISCOUNT: The product can be bought with a discount from the Health Insurance Fund!

NB! The basis for purchasing orthotics with a national discount is a medical device card that can be prescribed by family and specialist doctors. NB! On 01.01.2022, the Health Insurance Fund took over the financing of various medical devices from the Social Insurance Board, and the possibilities of obtaining several aids at a discount changed significantly, read more here.

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