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You can get information about applying for compensation for the costs of adaptation of living spaces: https://www.tallinn.ee/Teenus-Elurumões-kohandamise-kulude-huvitamine

On March 19, 2018, the application round for measure activity 2.5.2 “Physical adaptation of housing for people with disabilities” was opened. The purpose of the activity is to ensure better living, learning and working conditions for disabled people.
Within the framework of the activity, the adaptation of the living space resulting from the special needs of a disabled person is supported:

to improve operations related to mobility, including the adaptation of the entrance to the dwelling, the walkway between the front door of the building and the dwelling, the entrance to the building and its territory, or the fence;
to improve hygiene practices;
to improve kitchen operations.

The conditions for granting support are established by Regulation No. 4 of the Minister of Social Protection of February 26, 2018 “Physical Adaptation of Housing for People with Disabilities”.

In this regard, Tervise Abi OÜ helps and advises the local government, people with mobility disabilities and special needs in finding the necessary actions and solutions related to home adaptation.

Tervise Abi OÜ offers home adaptation services in the following categories:

  • Platform lift installation.
  • Ceiling lift installation
  • Door automation installation
  • Construction of a ramp without an intermediate platform
  • Adjustment of the front door opening of the building
  • Adjustment of the front door opening of the apartment
  • Interior door opening adjustment
  • Door threshold installation
  • Door opening adjustment without threshold

We also help with advice on what needs to be done and find the most suitable adaptation solution.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Home adaptation for residents of the city of Tallinn
As a result of the activities of the 2019 project, the homes of 75 disabled people in the city of Tallinn will be adapted to meet their needs.

From March 4 to April 2, 2019, the Tallinn Social and Health Care Board is waiting for people with disabilities in the city of Tallinn to apply for housing adaptation. You can apply for accommodation adaptation if you have been diagnosed with a severe degree of disability within the meaning of the Act on Social Benefits for Persons with Disabilities and a valid decision to that effect.

Adaptation of the living space is requested to cover a special need:

  1. when moving (e.g. adjusting the entrance to the living room, the walkway between the front door of the building and the living room, the entrance to the building and its territory, or the fence);
  2. in hygiene operations;
  3. in kitchen operations.

You can customize a living space that:

  1. is located in the administrative territory of the city of Tallinn and
  2. is your registered and actual place of residence,
  3. is suitable for year-round living;
  4. is owned, co-owned or used by you or your family member under a contract.

When and where can the application be submitted?
Application period 04.03.-02.04.2019. You can submit the application with attachments digitally to the address sotsiaal@tallinnlv.ee, by mail to the Tallinn Social and Health Board at Paldiski mnt 48a, Tallinn 10614. Also, applications are accepted on site (Social and Health Board, Paldiski mnt 48a, Tallinn) and the contact person of the Health Board on Mondays from 15:00 to 18:00 and on Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00. When you come to submit your application, be sure to bring your identity document. Before submitting an application, check whether you have all the necessary documents for applying for adaptation. Also, the agency’s project manager accepts applications on site on Mondays from 15:00 to 18:00, Tuesdays from 13:00 to 16:00 and Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00.

Mandatory application data:

  • Applicant’s name, personal identification number, contact details;
  • Name, personal identification number, contact information, basis of the right of representation of the applicant’s representative;
  • Data of the adaptable dwelling: district, street, house number, apartment number, basis of use (contract, ownership, co-ownership);
  • The owner of the dwelling or all the co-owners or the apartment association consent to the adjustment;
  • Purpose of accommodation adaptation (to improve mobility related activities, hygiene activities or kitchen activities) and explanation;
    Type of adjustment (installation of platform lift, installation of ceiling lift, installation of door automation, construction of a ramp without an intermediate platform, adjustment of the opening of the outer door of the building, adjustment of the opening of the outer door of the apartment, adjustment of the opening of the inner door, installation of the threshold, adjustment of the doorway without a threshold, adjustment of the toilet room (i.e. washing room and WC in one room or washing room) , adaptation of the toilet space, installation of a disabled toilet bowl, installation of handrails, other);
  • The way of receiving the decision and the contract (by e-mail, by simple letter or by registered letter at the address of the dwelling in need of adaptation indicated in the application).

By submitting the application, the applicant confirms that:

  • the adaptable dwelling is his actual residence;
  • agrees to pay the deductible;
  • allows processing of his data in the amount necessary to process the request;
  • has provided true information.

What documents to submit when applying?
To apply for physical adaptation of housing, it is necessary to submit to the Tallinn Social and Health Board:

signed application;

  • a copy of your identity document;
  • copies of your representative’s identity document and document proving the right of representation (court order establishing guardianship, power of attorney);
  • written consent of the owner of the dwelling or all co-owners or the apartment association regarding the adaptation, if you are not the sole owner of the dwelling or the premises shared by the co-owners are being adapted (NB! can be added to the application no later than 02.04.2019)
  • if available, an assessment by the Social Insurance Board or Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Center for adapting the living space.

75 in order to check the content of applications that meet the requirements, the contact person of the Tallinn Social and Health Board makes home visits to assess the need for the requested adaptation and the possibility of its implementation.

If the need to adapt your living space is justified and it is possible to carry out adaptation work in the living space, you must get quotes from at least two companies. A more favorable price offer will be selected together with the contact person of the Tallinn Social and Health Board. The price offer must include the cost of materials required for adaptation, the cost of works and other costs by cost type. The price offers for stationary aids (e.g. platform or ceiling lift) do not have to be prepared for the same model, but must be prepared with similar functionality and meet your special needs.

The Tallinn Social and Health Care Board does not cover:

  1. Expenses incurred in applying for the adjustment;
  2. Costs related to adaptation, the need of which does not directly arise from your special needs (e.g. barrel sauna, steam sauna) and are not necessary to restore the appearance of the dwelling before construction;
  3. Depreciated property and equipment;
  4. Costs for building materials and aids, for which there is a cheaper alternative that takes into account your special needs);
  5. Deliberately miscalculated costs;
  6. Costs incurred as a result of carelessness or failure to do the adjustment work under the responsibility of the person performing the adaptation work;
    Acquisition of portable aids.

More information and forms on Tallinn’s website: https://www.tallinn.ee/est/Kodukohanduse-pilotoprojekt-2