Adaptation of the workplace

Adaptation of the workplace and aids necessary for the performance of work tasks

If an employee finds it difficult to get to the workplace, move around and perform work tasks due to a long-term illness or disability, the unemployment fund helps the employer adapt the work environment or tools. Adaptation of the workplace is, for example, building a ramp at the entrance of the building, installing a stair lift or an elevator; door opening-closing automation; widening of doorways and leveling of thresholds; changing the height of work surfaces; lowering light switches; making the color solutions used in interior design perceptible to a visually impaired person, etc. The Unemployment Insurance Fund helps to figure out how to make the working environment suitable for a person with reduced working capacity and compensates up to 100% of the reasonable cost of adaptation.

The unemployment fund also provides work aids in the event that the employee cannot use normal work tools to perform work due to his health condition.

To adjust your workplace or get a work aid, contact the unemployment fund office that suits you and make an appointment with a case manager. You can find the contacts here. You can find examples of completed job postings here.

You can find more information about workplace adjustment on the page of the Unemployment Fund.