Basis of discount

It is possible to buy and rent aids with a state discount:

  • Disabled children (up to 18 years old) – 90% discount
  • Children (up to 18 years old) on the basis of a specialist doctor’s certificate – 50% discount
  • For 16-17-year-olds who have been identified as partially or completely incapable of working
  • For those of working age who have either: partial/absent working capacity; disability from 40%; designated disability
  • For up to 26-year-old working-age people with learning disabilities or partial/absent working capacity
  • For old-age pensioners
  • In order to receive a state discount, only a medical certificate is sufficient for the need for a breast, eye prosthesis, hearing aid or sound transmission system (hearing loss from 30 db).


  1. Ask for a medical certificate
    The medical certificate must list all the aids that the person needs (not with the precision of the ISO code). Depending on the aid, a medical certificate is issued either by a family doctor, a specialist doctor, a nurse who has completed the relevant additional training, a rehabilitation team, a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist.
  2. Come to the Tervise Abi sales point
    In our stores, specialists in their field will help you with various questions related to aids. In Tervise Abi stores, it is possible to try out aids before buying or renting them. Take the aids with you for buying and renting them under favorable conditions:
    1. identity document
    2. valid medical certificate or rehabilitation plan

A person can view information about the purchase and rental transactions of their aids in the self-service of the Social Insurance Board.

Corresponding information about who can be the person who identifies the need for an aid is provided in the appendix “List of Aids” of Regulation No. 74 of the Minister of Social Protection of 21.12.2015, which can be found HERE (PDF).


The state compensates the aid according to the limit price of one or the other aid. When purchasing an aid, the state pays its share and you pay your share. If the co-payment cost of the aid is too high for you, you have the option to apply for a reduction (see applying for a special procedure). When purchasing an aid, your co-payment is always a minimum of 7 euros (except for the purchase of incontinence products and the rental of an aid).

For more expensive aids, it is possible to apply for a special procedure.

If the necessary aid is more complex and expensive, the person needs several aids or has difficulties paying the co-payment, a request for a special procedure must be submitted to the Social Insurance Board.


In justified cases, it is possible to request a difference. The application is submitted to the Social Insurance Board before the acquisition of the aid (ie, if the transaction has already been made, a special procedure cannot be requested).

You can request a difference in the following cases.

  • To reduce the deductible. The deductible can be reduced if your financial situation does not allow you to pay the deductible. For this purpose, an application with justification must be submitted. The Social Insurance Board can reduce the amount of your deductible to a maximum of five percent.
  • To acquire a new aid, because the aid in use no longer meets your needs (for example, your hearing or vision has deteriorated; the aid has become small because the child has grown; the aid was destroyed as a result of an accident, etc.).
  • You need an aid that is not included in the list of aids (370.08 KB, PDF), but without this aid you cannot cope on a daily basis.
  • You need a larger amount of aid than it is possible to get with a state discount. You can request an increase in the amount if you have a justified need to use a larger amount due to a diagnosis or functional disorder. For example, a child needs to rent one standing desk at home and another at kindergarten or school.
  • The cost of your aid is higher than the threshold price from which the state allowance is calculated. For example: The maximum monthly price of a stroller is 145 euros, and the state discount is 90%. In the company, it turns out that the price of renting a suitable cart per month is 160 euros (ie the cost exceeds the limit price). In this case, the state will pay 90% of 145 euros for you, or a total of 130.50 euros. In this case, your deductible will be 29.50 euros per month. You have the right to submit a request to increase the limit price. If the limit price of the aid suitable for you is increased, the state will pay 90% of 160 euros, i.e. 144 euros, for you.
    NB! The limit price is increased if there are no suitable aids for you within the limit price.
  • You want to rent an aid that can only be bought, or you want to buy an aid that can only be rented. It can be requested if there is a justified need. Be sure to consider the differences between renting and buying out. If necessary, maintenance and repair of the aid is included in the rental price of the aid, during which you will also be provided with a replacement product. The company is obliged to carry out regular maintenance on the rented aid after a certain period of time. If you rent an assistive device, it is possible to exchange it for a product that better meets your needs if your health condition changes.

When requesting a special procedure, it is necessary to submit a medical certificate or the front page of the rehabilitation plan with personal data and a page with the name or description of the aid to the Social Insurance Board. The application for the special procedure is available HERE (33.72 KB, DOCX) or in the customer service of the Social Insurance Board. The application can be submitted in self-service, by post, e-mail or at the customer service of the Social Insurance Board.

The Social Insurance Board makes a decision to approve or reject the special procedure request within 30 calendar days. If necessary, the Social Insurance Board engages experts during special procedures (e.g. Astangu Environmental Adjustments and Aids Information Center), who help and advise in identifying the need for aids and assessing the need.

In case of a positive decision, contact the company of the aid and agree on the method of transaction and delivery of the aid. When contacting the company, take an identity document with you.


If a person has previously purchased assistive devices on the basis of a certificate and there is an entry to this effect on his personal assistive device card, he does not need to submit a new medical certificate.
People of retirement age do not need a repeat certificate to purchase urine absorbent aids.

Re-certification is not required for the following aids:

● 06.24.18 (hip prostheses)
● 09.09.03 (stocking puller)
● 09.12.03 (toilet seats)
● 09.12.15 (toilet seat raisers)
● 09.12.27 (toilet paper clips)
● 09.12.33 (dampers)
● 09.24.03 (indwelling catheters)
● 09.24.06 (disposable catheters)
● 09.24.09 (penis covers)
● 09.33.03 (bath and shower chairs)
● 09.33.12 (bath, shower and changing tables)
● 12.03 (one-handed walking aids
● 12.06 (walking aids for handling with two hands)
● 12.12.04 (car adaptations for engine handling)
● 12.12.00 (passenger car adapted for manual control for a person with mobility impairments)
● (tricycles with pedals)
● 12.22 (wheelchairs)
● 12.23.06 (electric wheelchairs)
● 12.27.07 (carts)
● 12.31.03 (sliding tables and mats)
● 12.31.09 (movable handrails for climbing)
● 12.31.15 (lifting belts and harnesses)
● 12.36.03 (link lifts)
● 18.03.15 (bed tables)
● 18.09.21 (special seats)
● 18.10.03 (back supports),
● 18.12.10 (beds with electric adjustment)
● 18.18 (support aids)
● 18.30.15 (portable ramp)
● 22.18.24 (radio frequency transmission systems)
● 22.21.09 (dialogue devices)
● 22.27.03 (equipment with visual signal)
● 22.27.09 (devices with a mechanical signal)
● 22.27.21 (environmental alarm systems)
● 24.21.03 (grippers)

Regulation No. 74 of the Minister of Social Protection “The list of aids, the conditions and procedure for deciding on the state taking over the obligation to pay for the aids and making exceptions, and the details of the aids card” together with the appendix of the list of aids can be found in the Riigi Teataja HERE.

Information about the system of aids and special procedures, as well as the regulation signed by the Minister of Social Affairs regarding aids reimbursed by the state and limit prices, can be obtained from:

When requesting a special procedure, it is necessary to submit a medical certificate or the front page of the rehabilitation plan with personal data and a page with the name or description of the aid to the Social Insurance Board. Request for special procedure

Email: info@sotsiaalkindlustusamet.ee



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You can find the social price list here.