Processing of personal data

Everything related to a person and his being can be described as data. A person’s personal data includes, for example, his name, address, contact details, as well as information about financial status, etc. In addition, personal data includes data that are more sensitive by nature, i.e. sensitive personal data, which is, among other things, data on a person’s health.

Tervise Abi OÜ considers the protection of the confidentiality of customers’ personal and contact data important and stands for the legality of personal data processing. Personal data processing is any operation performed with personal data.

We process your personal data if:

  • you buy or rent products on the basis of a discount from the Social Insurance Board or the Health Insurance Fund;
  • you are a person of working age and the European Social Fund is the payer of your discounted transaction;
  • we serve you in sales stores;
  • serving you by e-mail and telephone;
  • you make purchases in the online store;
  • you want to become our regular customer;
  • you apply for a job with us;
  • you want to receive our newsletters and other information about ongoing campaigns;
  • you send us a request for clarification, a memo, a request for information or a complaint;
  • you submit a proposal or a thank you note to us.

Security cameras

Security cameras have been installed in Tervise Abi’s territory and sales stores to prevent situations that threaten the preservation of property, to respond to a dangerous situation, or to find out who caused the damage when property is damaged. These are cameras that transmit and record a real-time image and allow it to be processed and reproduced later. Video surveillance signs have been put up to inform about the camera surveillance. Only persons authorized by the board of Tervise Abi have the right to access the camera recordings. Recordings may be transmitted outside Tervise Abi or access to them only if there is a legal basis for doing so (e.g. to the police).

All letters sent to us are registered in Tervise Abi’s document management system. Correspondence with private individuals is subject to general access restrictions, as the letters contain personal data. This means that if someone wants to see a private person’s correspondence or some document, they must submit a request for information. Upon receiving a request for information, we will review whether the requested documents can be issued or whether they can be issued partially. Possible grounds for access restrictions are given in § 35 of the Public Information Act. Despite the access restriction, we will issue documents related to you to institutions or persons who have the legal right to request these documents (e.g. police, Social Insurance Board). We send documents containing sensitive personal data to recipients only by registered mail or encrypted e-mail.

Getting to know the data about yourself
You have the right to access the data we have collected about you. To do this, submit a handwritten or digitally signed application to us. We refuse to fulfill your request if it may harm the rights and freedoms of another person, hinder the prevention of a crime or the capture of a criminal, or make it difficult to find out the truth in criminal proceedings.

You have the right to request the correction of incorrect personal data. If we no longer have a legal basis for using your personal data, you can request that we stop using it or delete it. We will comply with your request to correct, stop using or delete your data if it is justified.

Responsible and authorized data processor
Tervise Abi OÜ is responsible or authorized processor in data processing according to the purposes of data processing. Tervise Abi OÜ can grant the right to use data to authorized processors. The authorized processor may process the data only for the performance of specific tasks assigned by Tervise Abi OÜ.

Tervise Abi OÜ e-store payments are mediated by Montonio Finance OÜ. Tervise Abi OÜ is the responsible processor of personal data and forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Montonio Finance OÜ.

Data retention period
Tervise Abi stores the data for as long as it is needed to achieve the purpose of using the data or until the expiration dates of legal requirements and the legal document retention period. The data is stored in Tervise Abi databases.