Returning products purchased in the store

Buying goods

When buying goods from the store, the customer must make sure that the product person is buying is suitable for them. The customer has (the right and) the opportunity to try products, except hygienic goods (incontinence products and other products that cannot be opened for hygienic reasons).

The store’s customer service representative may refuse to give the customer a chance to try the product if the customer’s health or aesthetic condition does not allow it.

Returning goods

Tervise Abi has no obligation to return or exchange the product purchased from the store. The 14-day right of exchange and return applies only to goods purchased outside the trader’s business premises, i.e. from the e-shop. The 14-day rule does not apply to goods purchased from a regular store, and the trader is not obliged to give the opportunity to exchange or return the purchased goods. When making a purchase in the store, the customer must make sure that the purchased goods are suitable for them. A claim can be submitted if the product is scrap or broken. In this case, a receipt with the name of the product, price and date of purchase must be presented.