The procedure for submitting complaints and proposals

1. Procedure for submission of proposals and complaints

1.1. The purpose of processing proposals and complaints is to ensure that proposals and complaints submitted to Tervise Abi OÜ are reviewed and resolved as quickly as possible.

1.2. Proposals and complaints can be submitted both in writing and orally. To submit, you must contact +372 6737811 or submit your claim in writing, either by e-mail at info@terviseabi.ee or at Ädala 11, Tallinn, 10614.

1.3. A complaint can be submitted orally to the head of the institution, provided that a written response is not recommended and the problem is resolved immediately and does not require further processing. Verbal complaints and suggestions will not be registered unless a written response is recommended.

1.4. In matters of defective products and sales guarantees, we are based on the legislation in force in Estonia. Additional information can be found here.

2. Processing of proposals and complaints

2.1. Proposals and complaints received in writing are processed by the manager of Tervise Abi OÜ or a person authorized by him.

2.2. Written proposals and complaints are reviewed on the last working day of each week. The corresponding days are also considered the day of receipt of the proposal or complaint.

3. Responding to suggestions and complaints

3.1. The basis for resolving and responding to proposals and complaints is the Law of the Republic of Estonia “The Law on Responding to Notices and Requests for Explanations and Submitting Collective Appeals”, which states that a proposal/complaint will be answered immediately, but no later than within 30 calendar days of receiving it. In case of special need, based on the complexity of the answer, the deadline for answering can be extended up to two months, which will be notified to the person submitting the proposal/complaint.

3.2. Proposals and complaints will not be answered if:
3.2.1 there are no contact details of the submitting person;
3.2.2 the person who made the request has limited legal capacity and has a guardian appointed by the court, and the proposal or complaint has been submitted without the prior consent of the representative;
3.2.3 the submitting person has clearly expressed the position that he does not want a reply to the letter;
3.2.4 the content of the proposal or complaint is not legible or understandable;
3.2.5 Responding requires changing the work organization of the institution due to the large volume of information, prevents the performance of public tasks assigned to it, or requires unreasonably large expenses.

4. Retention of documents

4.1. Documents collected during the processing of proposals and complaints are stored in accordance with current laws, and their storage is organized by the manager of Tervise Abi.

4.2. All written suggestions and complaints and their responses are kept in the folder of the procedure for handling suggestions and complaints.