New SOS emergency button from Tervise Abi – safety within your reach – only 19 EUR/month!

Security for everyone: Tervise Abi’s rental product range now includes a new SOS emergency button with a fall sensor, which ensures readiness for help even when the user is unable to call for help themselves. This device is designed to provide quick and reliable help in any situation, especially for elderly people, individuals living alone, or those involved in higher-risk professions (such as hikers, mushroom pickers) and workers (in construction and factories).

The monthly fee for the emergency button is 19 EUR and includes the emergency button, monitoring program, app, and user support. Voice instructions can be in Estonian, English, or Russian. Additional information on renting the emergency button can be found here.

Complete security package: Tervise Abi’s emergency button service includes the emergency button, a monitoring program for use on a computer, and an app as well. A relative or designated user of the service has the ability to monitor:

  • Last location on map. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, the emergency button operates wherever there is mobile network coverage, ensuring that assistance is readily available at all times.
  • Pulse
  • The number of steps taken
  • Saturation (% SpO2)

How does it work?: Using the SOS-emergency button is easy. With a single button press, automatic contact is established between the person in need of assistance and their designated contact person. To do this, the person in need of assistance must press the white button located on the emergency button:

  1. The button turns red, and the voice prompt informs that an SOS message will be sent to the designated contact person.
  2. Following that, the emergency button automatically dials the designated phone number and establishes a call connection between the person in need of assistance and their contact person.
  3. The Tervise Abi emergency button is equipped with a fall sensor and responds to falls. If a loved one falls, a message is sent to all designated phone numbers, and an automatic call connection is established .

You can add multiple designated phone numbers to the system. The emergency button will keep calling until one of the designated numbers answers the call, but messages are immediately sent to all registered numbers in the system.

Additional features:

  • In the program or app, you can set specific phone numbers that can call the emergency button (for example, if the user does not answer their mobile phone). No telemarketer or other scammer can call the emergency button! 🙂
  • In the program or app, you can set the times for taking medication, and the emergency button will provide voice prompts when it’s time to take medication.
  • You can set a heart rate range in the program, and if it exceeds this range, you will receive an SMS notification (when the pulse is too low or too high).
  • You can set desired daily step count in the program, and if your loved one reaches it, you will receive an SMS notification.
  • Since the emergency button is equipped with a wrist removal sensor, you will receive a notification if the emergency button has been removed from the wrist for at least an hour. You can also see in the program or app whether the emergency button is currently on the user’s wrist, in the charger, or not in use at all.
  • Include all necessary additional information about the loved one in the program or app, which can be viewed by your designated users (such as allergies and other important information).
  • The emergency button is splash-proof, and you can use it while taking a shower, but it should be removed from the wrist before taking a bath.
  • he emergency button is also suitable for visually impaired users because it has ‘SOS’ printed in Braille on the button.
  • Voice instructions can be in Estonian,English, or Russian
  • Set the alarm zone and receive notifications when a loved one leaves the designated area:

Ensure safe living by planning for security; don’t rely on chance! Our SOS emergency button offers dependable protection and peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. Contact us today and ensure that you and your loved ones are always protected: veronika@terviseabi.ee, +372 56261122.