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This orthosis is helpful for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia. It reduces pain by applying pressure on the hips from both sides. It is effective against all forms of dysplasia, including grade E (the most severe form). It can also be used for other pathologies, for example, for arthrosis of the hip joints. It is an excellent alternative to surgical intervention in cases where it is not possible to perform surgery on the dog. It is made of breathable and washable material that is both supportive and compressive.

The BT LIFE orthosis comes with two handles of adjustable length, which can be attached to the orthosis if necessary, so that the owner can help the dog in and out of the car and also on the stairs. The handles can be removed when not needed.


The BT LIFE orthosis has two rigid discs that are double-lined with a soft, high-density material. The discs press on the hips, raising the temperature of the body there, thanks to which the pain caused by the pathology is reduced. Continuous use leads to an improvement in the dog’s well-being, partially reducing the discomfort caused by dysplasia.


  • Reduced pain due to compression on both hips.
  • Breatheable material
  • Easy to match.
  • Hand washable.
  • Adjustable straps and handles.


  • Measure the circumference of the leg from the groin.


XS 15-20 cm
S 25-30 cm
M 30-35 cm
L 40-45 cm
XL 50-55 cm

All sizes can be ordered! Contact us!

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