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    The Invacare Colibri mobility scooter is specially designed to be your best companion. Colibri is a stylish, simple and colorful mobility scooter designed for people who enjoy a fully independent lifestyle. The Colibri has a unique patented Invacare LiteLock® system – it can be easily disassembled without the need for tools and fits perfectly in any car trunk. In addition, the Invacare Colibri wheelchair offers greater maneuverability in narrow or confined spaces.

    The Invacare Colibri scooter is easy to dismantle. Disassembling the Colibri for transport takes only a few minutes.

    Invacare also ensures greater comfort for Colibri users. The soft, padded seat provides comfort while driving.

    • Easy to Disassemble: Features the Invacare LiteLockTM system for easy disassembly without tools.
    • Greater comfort: The Invacare Colibri has a soft, padded seat that provides comfort while riding.
    • Durability: Colibri is built to last with high-quality materials.
    • Stylish design: Colibri has an elegant and aesthetically pleasing design.
    • A stylish, simple and compact electric transport chair for both indoor and outdoor use. The LiteLock system allows the wheelchair to be disassembled without tools, thus fitting into the trunk of almost any car.
    • Seat width 45.5 cm
    • total width 50.5 cm
    • weight 49 kg
    • load capacity 136 kg
    • Speed 8 km/h
    • mileage up to 16 km


    Tervise Abi OÜ rents an electric mobility aid scooter, which allows you to cover even longer distances easily. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is possible to travel up to 36 km with one charge and the maximum speed is up to 8 km/h.

    We offer the service with a 70% state subsidy based on a positive decision on a special request.

    Full price Discount price
    al 105,00€/month al 31,50€/month

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