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Cough syrup Otosan® ForTuss soothes a dry and irritated cough, protects the mucous membrane.

ForTuss acts mechanically on the irritated mucous membrane. Thanks to the synergy of the ingredients, it creates a protective layer that adheres to the mucous membrane, ensuring hydration and anti-irritation. The combined effect of various resins, polysaccharides and flavonoids from plantain, resin resin and cuckoo gold extracts and manuka honey and flower honey also provides:  Mucous membrane hydration and natural secretion  Protective and soothing effect on the pharynx, calming cough symptoms both at night and during the day

ForTuss is a medical device that is an adjuvant for dry and productive cough and mucous membrane irritation. Its delicate formula, made from manuka honey, organic flower essence and plant molecular complexes, gives a pleasant taste and is suitable for both children and adults.

Active ingredients:

  • Manuka Honey: Produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate Manuka flowers. This honey is known for its many beneficial properties, such as soothing the upper respiratory tract.
  • Organic flower honey: contributes to the softening effect of the product.
  • Resin resin extract: embalming effect.
  • Plantain extract: calming effect.
  • Käogulla extract: creating a protective layer and liquefying effect.
  • Lemon essential oil: tome that protects the mucous membrane.
  • Orange essential oil: calming effect.
  • Myrtle essential oil: gives the product an embalming effect.

ForTuss is suitable for people with celiac disease. A lot of sugar has been added to the syrup, so people with diabetes should consult a doctor before use. ForTuss does not contain alcohol or artificial dyes.

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