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OTOSAN ear drops for the treatment of ear pain

Especially useful for ear pain, excess earwax, dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and mycosis. An effective approach to restore ear well-being and physiological balance thanks to natural ingredients and active ingredients. Contains organic oils and other beneficial natural active ingredients. Ear drops help clean the ear by emulsifying earwax and making it easier to remove without drying the skin of the hard canal.

Otosan ear drops are dermatologically tested and do not contain preservatives or artificial dyes. Suitable for everyone, including people with hearing problems and hearing aids.

Properties and ingredients

  • Anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving: blackcurrant oil, clove, geranium and juniper essential oils, bisabolol
  • Emollient, moisturizing: almond oil, borage oil
  • Cleansing, antibacterial: propolis extract and white tea tree oil

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