Elbow protection

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Effective support for dislocations, sprains and other sports injuries. Suitable for everyday use.

The elbow rest is specially designed to support tense muscles. They help prevent injuries and treat already injured or stressed muscles. Comfortable, suitable for everyday wear or during training.

Washing instructions
Hand wash with cold water. Do not tumble dry, air dry only.

Safety instructions
Some users may develop an allergy to the rubber used in this product. In this case, stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor. Do not wear while sleeping!

Store Address Quantity
Küünarnukikaitse - L
Narva Kerese keskus P. Kerese 3, Narva 2
Valga haigla Peetri 2, Valga 6
Küünarnukikaitse - M
Tartu Eedeni keskus Kalda tee 1c, Tartu 5
Lasnamäe Tervisemaja Linnamäe tee 3, Tallinn 9
Magdaleena haigla Pärnu mnt 104, Tallinn 12
Magistrali keskus Sõpruse pst 201/203, Tallinn 8
Narva Kerese keskus P. Kerese 3, Narva 9
Rakvere Põhjakeskus Haljala tee 4, Tõrremäe küla, Rakvere vald 3
Tartu Tervisekeskus Mõisavahe 34b//34c, Tartu 1
Valga haigla Peetri 2, Valga 9
Maardu Tervisemaja Kallasmaa 4/1, Maardu 8
Rocca Al Mare kaubanduskeskus Paldiski mnt 102, Tallinn 9
Küünarnukikaitse - XL
Valga haigla Peetri 2, Valga 1

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