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Key Features:

– Diagnostic sole monitors foot condition in the first two weeks for the necessity of corrective insoles. – The sandal become corrective in conjunction with Memo corrective insoles. – For children with flat feet, over pronation. – The thermoplastic sturdy heel counter, Thomas heel for flat feet prevention and treatment. – Published opinions confirm that Memo shoes have a positive influence on the child’s foot growth and posture development, corrects foot complaints, and simplifies the rehabilitation process of children with functional defects.


Memo shoes control, prevent and correct foot deformities in preschool and school age. It is very important to prevent and correct over-pronation or over-supination at a young age. The shoes have Memo diagnostic sole that monitors the condition of the foot for the first two weeks of wearing the shoes as is. After the first two weeks, please look at the sole and determine in which numbered area of the sole the abrasion started. Depending on the zone number where the first abrasion began, you can choose the type of corrective insoles for your child if required. Detailed recommendations on the choice of corrective insoles are printed on the shoe box. Memo shoes are made of high quality safe materials, the upper and lining are made of soft goat leather, the outsole is made of elastic thermo rubber. The sole has a Thomas heel. Thomas heel supports the longitudinal arch of the foot and helps redistribute the load on the leg in such a way that it gets used to standing correctly and subsequently walks correctly. The shoe has a thermoplastic asymmetric stiff heel counter for proper feet protection and stabilization. With adjustable straps, the shoe is suitable for different types of instep and foot widths. The shoes are designed and manufactured in the EU countries. In some countries, the shoe is registered as medical device.

What size I need?

To measure A and B, use a ruler. It is preferable to measure the foot over a thin sock. Measure your size Standing up straight, trace the footprint on a piece of paper. Measure from the middle of the heel A to big toe end point B (this can change according to the morphology of the foot). Select right size Now you have size in inches or cm, use Memo size conversion chart to determine what size you need. We recommend to measure both feet. Select size of shoes no less than additional 0.4” (1 cm) and no more than additional 0.6” (1.5 cm) to your size now.

Foot length must be 3/4 in less than a sole length in the table below. The shoes have the European Footwear Size System.
Sole Length: Shoe size
12cm: 18
12,7cm: 19
13cm: 20
14cm: 21
14,6cm: 22
15cm: 23
16cm: 24
16,6cm: 25
17cm: 26
18cm: 27
18,7cm: 28
19cm: 29
20cm: 30
20,6cm: 31
21cm: 32
22cm: 33
22,7cm: 34
23cm: 35
24cm: 36
25cm: 37
25cm: 38
26cm: 39
27cm: 40

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