Individual sole supports

Individual sole supports are manufactured using the vacuum method according to the specifics and needs of your foot, in order to alleviate foot discomforts, in which a standard sole support cannot help. Tervise Abi offers consultation and the manufacture of individual foot supports for both adults and children at the Pelgulinna office in Tallinn (Ädala 11). In addition, foot days are also held at Tervise Abi sales points across Estonia, information about which can be found on the Tervise Abi website.

Preparation time: 1 pair approx. 30 min.

When coming to the reception, if possible, please bring shoes that are used more on a daily basis. That way we can fit the footrests right away. When ordering sports soles, be sure to bring sports shoes with you. When fitting the insoles independently, you should, if possible, take out the original sole in the shoe and cut the individual insoles to the same size.

NB! After receiving the sole supports, the customer has the opportunity to come and adjust the sole supports within a month if the need arises – no extra money will be charged for this.

Different models are available:

Thin sole supports for shoes or boots
Everyday sole supports for sneakers
Special sole supports for sports
Soft sole supports for diabetics
Different variations with heel and toe padding
Half soles


Hallux valgus, or bowing of the big toe
Öspæði, i.e. a long arch that is too high
Morton’s neuroma (nerve pain that usually occurs in the third or fourth toe)
Metatarsalgia, or head pain
Heel pain
Ankle joint depression or hyperpronation
Pains in the legs, knee and back pains
Plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of the plantar fascia
Leg length difference

The main tasks of individual foot supports are:

More even distribution of the load, mainly taking less of the load from the heel and forefoot
Correction of foot position, in case of overpronation and oversupination
Shock absorption
Avoiding injuries
Prevention of foot and posture problems



Price list

Name Cost
Consultation/diagnostics 15 EUR
Individually made soles (adults) 85 EUR
Individually made soles (for children) from 65 EUR
Individual sports soles 85-89 EUR
Additional work (adding elevations or cushions, coating) 10 EUR
* Depending on the complexity of the work, additional costs may be added.
** Tervise Abi OÜ does not offer a national discount for individual soles.

Location: Ädala 11, Tallinn

To book an appointment, call +372 56261136