Bebé Cash baby diaper Prematuré 1-3kg

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Was your little miracle born a little earlier than planned? It actually happens more often than we think..

The Premium Premature series is designed for premature babies weighing 1-3 kg.

While the baby is growing, we have to pay important attention to make him feel comfortable and safe.

Product features

The diapers have been improved with a new layer that is extremely soft and perfect for baby’s delicate skin. The diapers fit perfectly to the baby’s body shape. Also, thanks to the absorbent pad, your baby stays dry!

  • Fastenings that are easy to attach and are elastic
  • A shape that protects the navel area
  • Extremely soft – a new soft layer protects delicate skin
  • Moisture indicator – shows when it’s time to change the diaper
  • Excellent protection against leakage
  • More absorbent particles that absorb moisture
  • Thinner diapers, but better performance
Picto-Sensation-coton-bebe.png (93Ã89)
A touch of cotton Absorbent pad Comfortable fastenings Color indicator

Diapers do not contain chlorine, parabens, perfumes, polyethylene glycol, endocrine disruptors, creams, petroleum jelly or organotin compounds.

Dermatologically tested.

The price of 1 package is €6.05!

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Bebé Cash lastemähe Prématuré 1-3kg
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