BORT select Stabilo® Lady backrest

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The first choice of the most demanding customers, Select – our highest quality product series, the functionality and excellent product features of which you can see for yourself. The unique features of the series can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

With BORT select Stabilo® back support, you can be sure that the product meets the highest standards of medicine, functionality and quality. All products of the BORT select series are characterized by TIMBRELLE® antimicrobial protection, which meets the highest hygiene standards.

BORT select Stabilo® back support supports damaged tissue structures. The compression of the product supports the ligaments, while relieving pressure on the spine. The integrated strap provides additional stabilization and straight back support in the lumbar region. In addition, it improves and relieves pressure in the lumbar region and allows individual adjustment.

Choose the size according to the size chart

Size Waist circumference
0 60 – 70 cm
1 70 – 80 cm
2 80 – 90 cm
3 90 – 100 cm
4 100 – 110 cm
5 110 – 120 cm
6 120 – 130 cm
7 130 – 140 cm

How to use:
Place the BORT select Stabilo® backrest around the waist and secure the front attachment using the hand straps. Make sure you are comfortable. In order to provide more relief to the lumbar region, tighten the belts more at the same time and in equal parts. To avoid unwanted rotation around the spine, make sure you pull both straps at the same time. The pillow (Art. 104 710/104 740) is attached to the backrest with Velcro in the selected part of the backrest. Make sure the wider part of the pad is facing up.

Treatment of increased pain in the lumbar region, severe low back pain, recurrent low back pain, osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis of the spine, radiculitis, mild radicular syndrome, spondylolysis without spondylolisthesis, mild to moderate lumbar deformity (degenerative spondylolisthesis), after intervertebral disc surgery.

Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD), impaired lymphatic drainage and unexplained soft tissue swelling away from applied support, loss of sensation, circulatory problems and skin rash in the treated body area.

68% elastodiene 32% polyamide

The product is intended for use by one person only. BORT select Stabilo® back support supports the treatment process especially during active activities. If you have to wear the brace at night, avoid obstructing circulation. If you feel numbness, remove or loosen the backrest. If you have ongoing complaints or if you feel that your complaints are getting worse, consult a doctor. Please do not use creams or other ointments while using the backrest as they may damage the material of the product. The product contains latex and may cause allergic reactions.

Helts Insurance DISCOUNT: The product can be bought with a discount from the Health Insurance Fund!

NB! The basis for purchasing orthotics with a national discount is a medical device card that can be prescribed by family and specialist doctors. NB! On 01.01.2022, the Health Insurance Fund took over the financing of various medical devices from the Social Insurance Board, and the possibilities of obtaining several aids at a discount changed significantly, read more here.

The customer can return goods purchased from the Tervise Abi OÜ e-store within 14 days of receiving the goods using the right of withdrawal. For returns, read more information here.

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