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The knee orthosis supports damaged tissue structures (joints, ligaments, joint capsules, cartilage). The compression of the orthosis supports the ligaments while relieving pressure on the joints. In addition, the support helps prevent incorrect movement of the foot. Splints help ensure stability of the lateral ligaments.

How to use:

Before using the knee orthosis, the splints must be adjusted by a trained specialist. The knee support has a splint for both the inside (medial) and outside (lateral) side of the leg. To adjust, loosen the straps of the knee support and take the splints out of the support. Now the splints can be adjusted according to the foot, so that they are flat and do not create pressure points. Next, put the splints back into the knee brace and get the straps ready to attach. Then pull the knee support on the leg, the silicone ring should be on the kneecap (patella). Fasten the leg straps first and then the thigh straps. Now the knee support should be comfortably on your knee and you should not feel any excess pressure. Splints can be slightly adjusted without removing them from the knee support. Caution: If the splints cause redness and pressure, remove the knee brace and consult a doctor.


Mild to moderate lateral ligament instability of the knee joint, gonarthrosis


Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD), impaired lymphatic drainage and unexplained soft tissue swelling away from applied support, loss of sensation, circulatory problems and skin rash in the treated body area.


57% polyamide 28% elastadiene 8% elastane 7% viscose

The product contains latex and may cause allergic reactions.

Size Leg circumference (15 cm below the knee) Thigh circumference (15 cm above the knee)
S 26 – 29 cm 32 – 36 cm
M 29 – 33 cm 36 – 40 cm
M+ 29 – 33 cm 40 – 44 cm
L 33 – 37 cm 40 – 44 cm
L+ 33 – 37 cm 44 – 48 cm
XL 37 – 41 cm 44 – 48 cm
XL+ 37 – 41 cm 48 – 52 cm
XXL 41 – 45 cm 52 – 56 cm
XXL+ 41 – 45 cm 56 – 60 cm
XXXL 45 – 49 cm 60 – 64 cm
XXXL+ 45 – 49 cm 64 – 68 cm
Store Address Quantity
BORT Stabilo® Põlvetugi - Right, L
Magdaleena haigla Pärnu mnt 104, Tallinn 1
Magistrali keskus Sõpruse pst 201/203, Tallinn 1
BORT Stabilo® Põlvetugi - Right, L+
BORT Stabilo® Põlvetugi - Right, XL
BORT Stabilo® Põlvetugi - Right, XXL
BORT Stabilo® Põlvetugi - Right, XXXL
BORT Stabilo® Põlvetugi - Right, XXXL+
BORT Stabilo® Põlvetugi - Left, L
Magistrali keskus Sõpruse pst 201/203, Tallinn 1
BORT Stabilo® Põlvetugi - Left, XL
BORT Stabilo® Põlvetugi - Left, XXL
BORT Stabilo® Põlvetugi - Left, XXXL

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