BT HOCK Heel joint orthosis

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Heel joint orthosis

Pain, weakness and neuromuscular difficulties are no longer a problem: the BT Hock orthosis is used when the heel joint area is damaged. The orthosis has three pockets where rigid lateral splints and an adjustable anterior splint can be inserted. It is used for pain, weakness and difficulty moving.

The orthosis can also be used without splints in case of arthritis and arthrosis. This is because it provides compression to the joint, which in turn improves blood flow and increases temperature, thereby reducing pain.

The anterior splint is recommended for use in situations where it is necessary to completely block the mobility of the heel joint (for example, after surgery or in case of neurological problems). It is also used for protection purposes, a cast or bandage can be placed under it in case of surgical operations or bed rest. Ideal for use after surgery.


Stabilizing and load-reducing effect: this is how the BT Hock orthosis helps to ensure faster healing without causing new injuries. Wearing an orthosis improves the function of ligaments and reduces pain. The reduced weight takes the weight off the injured leg, helping to reduce discomfort and, in some cases, swelling. And all this without having to deny the dog its usual movements, ensuring ideal flexibility in the muscles and unburdened joints. Rigid splints are designed to block the dog’s limb at heel level during recovery from surgery.


  • Breathable material
  • Excellent durability
  • The orthosis can be used before and after surgery
  • The orthosis comes with two rigid splints and one adjustable splint
  • Splints can be removed
  • The front splint is adjustable


While the movement is restricted, it is recommended not to leave the dog alone for a long time, so that he cannot remove the orthosis or damage it.

Warning: Splints that go against the skin can cause irritation when the dog is playing or running. We recommend using wool between the splint and the skin. Consult a veterinarian before using rigid splints Remove splints before washing.


Size Weight
XXS* 2 – 5 kg
XS 5 – 8 kg
S 8 – 25 kg
M 25 – 35 kg
L 35 – 50 kg
XL over 50 kg
  • XXS is recommended for Chihuahuas and dogs weighing 2-5 kg

All sizes can be ordered! Contact us!

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