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A wrist orthosis is used if there have been wrist injuries that cause pain, lameness and movement difficulties. It is good for protecting bandages and casts used on surgical wounds or lick wounds. In addition, it gives good results in pre-operative care: acute or chronic arthritis (osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, etc.) and ligament injuries are no longer a problem.

The orthosis can also be used without splints to relieve arthritis and arthrosis. This is due to the fact that the orthosis provides compression, which improves blood circulation in the corresponding place and thereby increases the temperature and reduces the pain caused by these deficiencies. When installing the orthosis on the leg, it is not important that the white edges are opposite to each other, as the orthosis is fixed with the help of blue straps and stability is ensured by the splints, which are on the back of the orthosis.


By choosing the BT Joint wrist support, maximum stabilization of the injured area is ensured, thereby reducing swelling. BT Joint improves the balance between the muscle groups of the wrist, thereby developing motor function and accelerating healing.


  • The orthosis can be used before and after surgery.
  • Breatheable material
  • Excellent durability.
  • Hand washable.


While the movement is restricted, it is recommended not to leave the dog alone for a long time, so that he cannot remove the orthosis or damage it.

Always remove rigid splints before washing the orthosis.


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