E-motion M25 accessory for Alber wheelchair

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    E-motion M25 is an accessory for a wheelchair that combines active mobility and therapeutic benefits. Even wheelchair users with limited arm and upper body mobility can improve their mobility with E-motion. The electric motor, which is integrated into the wheel hub, supports the wheelchair user, thanks to which less effort is needed for longer distances and inclines. Wheelchair users require more physical effort for everyday life. Such efforts can become almost unbearable with age or illness. The electric accessory E-motion is the perfect solution to such a problem: Sensors register the heart rate during each stroke, and thanks to this, the electric motor automatically helps as much as needed.

    The result is easier use of a manual wheelchair. Sitting in a wheelchair can cause different problems in different parts of the body. In order to maintain physical activity as long as possible, it is important to use a manual wheelchair instead of an electric wheelchair. E-motion keeps the wheelchair user active, expands their mobility and trains their strength. At the same time, stress on muscles and joints is minimized, protecting them from premature wear and tear. E-motion M25 is an accessory for a wheelchair that combines active mobility and therapeutic benefits. Just like a manual wheelchair, the E-motion M25 also has a controllable flywheel, the driving movement of which is supported by an electric motor integrated into the wheel hub.

    Thanks to the particularly powerful Lithium-ion battery, the E-motion M25 is more durable than previous models.

    • Low weight
    • Removable and quick opening device


    • Wheel size: 22″, 24″ or 25″
    • Speed: With assistance 0-6 km/h
    • Climbing and braking: The technical limits and data of the original wheelchair must be checked
    • Maximum user weight: 150 kg
    • Maximum permitted total weight: 190 kg (E-motion, wheelchair and wheelchair user)
    • Batteries: 36.5V, 2×4.3Ah, lithium-ion, leak-proof

    Weight of individual parts:

    • Total weight: 15.6 kg
    • Bike (with battery): 7.8 kg
    Store Address Quantity
    E-motion M25 lisaseade ratastoolile Alber

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