Electrical stimulation device MIO-CARE TENS

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    MIO CARE TENS TENS, drainage, deep warm-up, muscle training, prevention of muscle atrophy, massage.

    Indications: To relieve acute and chronic pain, to treat bruises and swelling, to prevent muscle atrophy, to improve muscle speed, strength and endurance indicators.

    Clinical diagnoses: inflammatory conditions in the joints and muscles, muscle tears, hematomas, edema, wrist and elbow pain, knee and ankle pain, neck pain, headaches due to muscle tension, muscle atrophy.

    Specifications: 20 recorded programs.

    The set includes: Mio-Care Tens device, 2 connection cables with the possibility of installing 8 electrodes, self-adhesive gel electrodes, battery charging device, belt, user manual in Estonian with pictures of electrode placement, carrying bag.

    Use: for home use by customers, portable use by professionals in healthcare facilities.

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