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Otosan® ear spray to prevent the formation of excessive earwax

Otosan ear spray is an innovative product that allows you to clean your ears daily in a delicate but effective way. Especially useful for daily thorough cleaning of the ear canal, to prevent wax plugs, ringing in the ears, increased sensitivity to noise, feeling of a locked ear. Otosan® ear spray with organic plant extracts ensures cleaner and healthier ears by removing excess earwax from the ear canal and, with frequent use, prevents its formation.

Very effective ingredients
The ear spray does not contain artificial colors or preservatives, guaranteeing maximum tolerance. The ear spray is a combined effective cleansing effect of salt solution and antiseptic effect of tea tree oil. The moisturizing effect of aloe combines with the properties of other organic plant extracts: Lemon with its outstanding cleansing effect, chamomile and calendula with its soothing effect and catnip with its softening effect.

  • Cleansing: isotonic saline solution, lemon
  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial: tea tree oil
  • Emollient, soothing: aloe vera, calendula, chamomile

When to use
Otosan® ear spray helps maintain ear hygiene and prevent the formation of earwax plugs. We recommend daily use.

Side effects
There are no known side effects

What is earwax?
Earwax is produced by furrow glands and sebaceous glands in the ear canal. Its purpose is to protect the ear canal by constantly lubricating and moisturizing it to ensure a delicate physiological balance. Earwax helps prevent external pollutants and dust from entering the ear canal. Normally, the skin moves the resin out of the ear.

Sometimes earwax can cause problems.
If the sebaceous glands produce too much resin, if the ear canal is not sufficiently lubricated, the natural cleaning mechanism becomes blocked, making it impossible to expel the resin. In water, the resin swells and clogs the ear canal, which often leads to the formation of resin plugs, which in turn cause very irritating symptoms such as hearing loss, whistling, ringing in the ears, pain and even dizziness. In such cases, you should avoid using the wrong tools to remove the resin, such as cotton swabs, because using them can make matters worse by pushing the resin deeper.

Who is most affected by this problem?
It often happens that children’s sebaceous glands are very active and produce excess resin, which accumulates and causes ear plugs.

Older people
As we age, the glands become less active and produce drier resin that cannot move out of the ear as well and as a result accumulates in the ear canal.

Users of hearing aids and headphones
For people who use hearing aids or headphones, it is more difficult to keep the ear canal clean and free of resin and dirt.

Swimmers and divers
When water gets into the ear canal, it can swell the resin and cause a blockage.

Air travelers or people spending time in the mountains
These people are affected by repeated changes in air pressure. Pressure can cause a number of disturbing symptoms, especially if earplugs have already formed.

How to prevent excess ear wax?
Regular use of Otosan Sprei is effective both in removing excess resin and in preventing its formation.

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