Manual verticalizing wheelchair Baby Hero

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    A vertical wheelchair is very beneficial for health because its use:

    • Improves physical balance and psychological well-being
    • Reduces muscle spasms and contractions
    • Improves muscle tone
    • Reduces calcium loss from bones and the risk of osteoporosis
    • Prevents and heals bedsores
    • Improves bladder and kidney functions
    • Improves blood supply
    • Improves digestion, bowel function

    The device has an aluminum frame, removable backrest, nylon padding, safety barrier, safety belt, adjustable headrest, retractable armrests, non-slip front and rear wheels, front stabilization support, and retractable footrests with straps, knee pads.

    SIZE K (cm) SIZE S (cm)
    Seat width 34 38
    Seat depth 34 40
    Wheelchair width 55,5 58,5
    The length of the wheelchair 104,5 106
    Wheelchair height 86 90
    Backrest height 37 42
    Max. carrying capacity 100 kg 100 kg
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