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    Mills sheep’s wool is long-fibered, very soft and high-quality cleaned wool (100% sheep’s wool), which effectively absorbs moisture and keeps the skin dry. The product is used to prevent the formation of moisture between the toes and skin folds. In addition, sheep’s wool protects the toe joints from external stress such as friction and pressure caused by shoes. The product is also suitable for warming and softening cold toes in shoes. Mills sheep wool does not cause itching and does not contain lanolin, which causes allergies. Mills Lamb’s wool can be used both with and without talc (e.g. in case of talc allergy).

    MILLS SHEEP WOOL is used:

    • skin friction, itching, irritation
    • cells, sponges, warts and hammertoes
    • separation of the toes
    • in case of fungal infection, inflammation of toe joints and tendons
    • in the treatment of leg ailments: diabetes, joint diseases (rheumatism), psoriasis or arterial-venous lesions of the lower limbs
    • intensively sweating feet
    • cold, freezing toes and feet
    • to prevent sports injuries: during hiking and running and other active activities
    • to protect against abrasions caused by the introduction of new shoes

    CE marked product, product recognized in healthcare. Use externally. Keep out of the reach of children!

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    Mills Lambavill 20g
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