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OTOSAN® nasal irrigation set – practical for daily cleaning. Cleanses deeply and provides relief for allergies, colds and sinusitis.

Moisturizing the nasal mucosa plays an important role in keeping our nose clean and free, allowing our lungs to breathe. Based on this, more and more medical specialists have started to claim that every person should take better care of his nose and its hygiene, since it is constantly in contact with harmful substances.

Otosan® nasal irrigation kit:

  • Ensures mucosal cleansing by removing excess mucus, allergens and air pollutants.
  • Promotes mucociliary clearance
  • Prevents contamination
  • Improves breathing

The set includes:

  • An easy-to-use bottle for everyday use
  • 30 packets of saline solution enriched with sodium bicarbonate and hyaluronic acid. It has an emulsifying and moisturizing effect.


  • Nasal congestion
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Acute and chronic sinusitis
  • Surgery (before and after)
  • Hypertrophic rhinitis during pregnancy
  • Snoring
  • Stay in a dry or contaminated environment
  • After contact with vapors and irritants

What are the benefits of nasal irrigation?
Effective removal of excessive mucus, crusts and clots provides relief in case of allergies, colds and sinusitis and after surgery, allowing better breathing and improving the quality of sleep. With daily use, it helps prevent the accumulation of allergens and pollution and improves the mechanism of mucociliary clearance.

How many times a day should it be used?
Rinsing the nose with one sachet is recommended twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, even with long-term use. It is recommended to rinse the nose with two packets twice a day for a course of up to ten days.

How many packets of solution powder must be dissolved in 240 ml of water?
One packet for balanced solution and two packets for hypertonic solution.

Can pregnant women and children also rinse their nose?
Otosan® nasal irrigation kit has no known side effects during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Children six years of age and older may use the flush kit under parental supervision. For children under six years of age, a doctor must be consulted.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid in the Otosan® nasal rinse kit?
It provides optimal tissue hydration and creates a protective layer against external irritations.

Can the nose be rinsed using just water?
No. Using undiluted water can damage the mucosa and reduce mucociliary clearance.

Can the Otosan® nasal irrigation kit be replaced with a home-made solution of water and salt?
No, it is not recommended. Measuring the right amount of salt requires specialist skills. In addition, substances added to sea salt can be irritating.

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