Parapodium PST

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    The models are available in different sizes. A wide range of accessories: leg straps, knee supports, wrist rests, wedge pillows, headrest and a table with adjustable tilt and height.

    The back of the parapodium supports the thoracic, lumbar and sacral regions, the legs are also supported from the pelvis to the soles. The device stabilizes the body from both the front and the sides.



    25-35 cm

    29-43 cm

    37-61,5 cm

    37-61,5 cm


    16,5-21 cm

    20-26 cm

    23-34 cm

    26-38 cm

    29-41 cm

    Total width

    50-56 cm

    55-68 cm

    61-72 cm

    62-91 cm

    67-91 cm


    77-97 cm

    77-97 cm

    91-115 cm

    91-115 cm

    91-115 cm


    67-85 cm

    80-99 cm

    98-124 cm

    123-160 cm

    133-170 cm

    Overall height

    85-105 cm

    105-125 cm

    125-155 cm

    155-185 cm

    185-205 cm

    Max. weight

    30 kg

    50 kg

    70 kg

    90 kg

    110 kg

    Store Address Quantity

    The customer can return goods purchased from the Tervise Abi OÜ e-store within 14 days of receiving the goods using the right of withdrawal. For returns, read more information here.

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