Pharmaceris N – C-Capilix serum 1200mg with vitamin C 30 ml

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Pharmaceris serum C-Capilix 1200mg with vitamin C minimizes the appearance of blood vessels, smoothes the skin and reduces its discoloration.

Active concentrated 12OO mg vitamin C allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, increasing its daily protection against free radicals. The serum actively promotes collagen synthesis and corrects the signs of aging by smoothing both fine and deep wrinkles and restoring skin elasticity. The active ingredients strengthen the skin’s regeneration mechanisms and capillaries, thus reducing redness and excessive reactivity. In addition, it regulates melanin production and prevents skin pigmentation.


The Pharmaceris brand of skin care products has been created to care for the integrity of problematic skin. This pharmacy cosmetics was developed by a group of experts who combined innovative dermatology and cosmetics solutions to create products that meet the needs of even the most demanding and hard-to-maintain skin types, i.e. problem skin.

All Pharmaceris dermocosmetics products are dermatologically tested, and selected product lines are also clinically tested in independent research institutes.

Suitable for preventing skin problems as well as for proper skin care.

Active ingredients: vitamin C, carrot oil

Contains no: Parabens, preservatives, allergens, artificial colors or fragrances

Use: Apply the concentrate daily to the face, neck and décolleté area on cleansed and moist skin, either as part of day or night care. Rub the concentrate into the skin and then use a regular face cream. In case of dull and too dry skin, use the concentrate for at least a month.

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