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Product Introduction and purpose
Waterproof skin-colored patch for superficial wounds.

Instructions for use
Clean, disinfect, rinse and dry the wound and its surroundings. Place the patch carefully on the wound and press on the edges. Change at least 2 times a day and every time after showering.

Warnings and precautions
Do not use for children under 3 years of age. If there is a foreign body in the wound, there is heavy bleeding, the wound was caused by a bite, sharp and/or dirty object, or if there is no improvement within 6 days, consult a doctor or pharmacist. Do not use the patch on a wound larger than a wound pad or with heavy bleeding. Do not use the patch on eyes, delicate skin or mucous membranes.
Like all patches, this product may cause skin reactions such as dermatitis, irritation or pain upon removal.

Contents of the device and packaging
20 plaastrit (3 suurust: 4 plaastrit suurusega 34x72mm, 6 plaastrit suurusega 20x40mm ja 10 plaastrit suurusega 19x72mm).

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