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    Do not put any heat insulating material on the burn. Different ointments, creams, fat, butter, sour cream, aloe, etc. do harm instead of good. If a fatty layer forms on the surface of the skin, the heat cannot escape and goes on to the deeper tissues. The burn must be cooled and disinfected. Burnshield gel can handle all of this, and that’s why the ambulance uses it in its work.
    Burnshield® burn gel is suitable for use wherever anesthesia, cold or disinfection is needed: scratches, insect bites, joint injuries, pimples, etc. The gel is suitable for relieving burns, also in case of sunburn. Burnshield® cools, reduces pain, has a moisturizing effect and is non-sticky.

    First aid for 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree burns and sunburns. It is particularly suitable for first aid for minor localized burns and burns on fingers and toes. Prevents the spread of damage to deeper tissues, relieves pain, disinfects, moisturizes and cools. Suitable for children. It is not toxic, does not stick to the wound.

    Apply a layer of gel to a minor local burn. Do not rub in!
    In case of finger or toe burns, tear off the removable border from the package and place the finger/toe in the package.

    3.5 ml in the package.

    Ingredients: water 96%, tea tree oil, emulsifiers.

    Still based
    Not toxic or irritating
    Safe to use in children
    Can be used on the face
    Does not stick
    Analgesic effect
    Preservative effect

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