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    General description
    Hemoglobin saturation is the percentage of oxyhemoglobin (HbO2) in the blood, which is the total amount of hemoglobin capable of being enriched with oxygen (Hb) in the blood, in other words, the amount of oxyhemoglobin in the blood. This is an important parameter for the respiratory circulatory system. Many respiratory diseases can lead to a decrease in SPO2 saturation. Moreover, the decrease in oxygen production can be caused by many factors that lead to a decrease in hemoglobin saturation, for example, autoimmune dysfunction caused by analgesia, intense postoperative trauma, pain syndrome after some medical procedures, etc., which have contributed to such adverse symptoms as fainting, vomiting and weakness, and so on. In addition, if you don’t get the appropriate treatment, it can lead to a danger to a person’s life. The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is small in size, low energy consumption, easy to handle and portable. The display of the device clearly shows the required level of hemoglobin saturation. In a clinical trial, the pulse oximeter has been proven to be accurate and can repeat a more accurate and stable measurement of SPO2.

    Measurement principle
    The working principle of the pulse oximeter is as follows: the color of the blood depends on the amount of oxyhemoglobin. If oxyhemoglobin is red, the color of unsaturated hemoglobin is probably blue. Hemoglobin changes its structural configuration when exposed to a chemical reaction; each such configuration represents a different reflection of the light beam. 60nm wavelength corresponds to red oxyhemoglobin (HbO2), unsaturated hemoglobin corresponds to 940nm wavelength. Both wavelengths analyze the blood sample and indicate the percentage of HbO2. The percentage corresponds to the saturation value (SpO2).

    Field of use
    The pulse oximeter can be used in family, hospital and sports fields (not used during exercise, but can be used before and after exercise). Attention: The product is not suitable for continuous patient monitoring.

    Technical description

    • Screen: LED screen
    • Hemoglobin saturation range SPO2: 35-99%
    • Pulse rate range: 30-254 BPM
    • Display of heart rate determination: barograph
    • Low battery indicator:
    • Power requirements: 2 AAA alkaline batteries, 1.5V 3.3
    • Current consumption: less than 40mA
    • Measuring range: SPO2: +-2% between 80%-99%, +-3% between 70% – 80%, <70% – not specified
    • Pulse rate: +-2 BPM between 30-235 BPM 3.5
    • Dimensions: length: 58 mm; width: 30 mm; length: 34 mm
    • weight: 50g (with two AAA batteries)

    Product features

    • Easy to use
    • Small size, light (total weight about 50g including batteries) and portable.
    • Low battery consumption: two AAA batteries can work for up to 30 hours.
    • A low battery indicator will appear on the display when the power is insufficient and may affect the operation of the Pulse Oximeter.
    • The device turns off automatically if no operation is performed for 8 seconds.

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