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    What is Soundbeam?

    Soundbeam is an electronic device that allows movements to turn into sound and music without being in physical contact with the musical instrument.

    What is his utility?

    Soundbeam is a unique and expressive tool that provides motivation to move, discover movement and sound. Soundbeam can be set so that it reacts to even the smallest movement (bending a finger, blinking an eye) or vice versa, when the whole body is in motion.

    Who is it for?

    For people with mobility impairments, autism, dementia, Down syndrome, Rett syndrome, depression, Alzheimer’s disease

    Where is it used?

    Soundbeam has been the most widely and comprehensively evaluated and researched for people with learning disabilities and disabilities. Also used in schools, museums and galleries (installations), theater or music performances.

    What is included in the Soundbeam package?

    Control unit, 2 beam receivers, junction box with 4 switches, speakers, 2 stands, user manual.

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