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What’s better than sore feet at work or hiking? Still healthy and painless all the time! pedag Worker sole supports are perfect for boots and robust work shoes. The upper layer of the sole supports is made of a particularly durable material. Activated charcoal inside the latex pad absorbs unpleasant odors and thus offers optimal foot hygiene.

Anatomically made support supports the longitudinal and transverse arches of the feet, which make the sole supports a great relief for the feet. Two-zone cushioning relieves the load on the heels and softens the buttock area. Additional heel cushioning works against shock and relieves the load on the heels, joints, hips and back.

Longitudinal arch support prevents leg fatigue, the metatarsal pad in the buttock area prevents flat feet and can also alleviate existing ailments.

  • provides relief to the arches of the feet
  • softens the heel and buttock area
  • effective against unpleasant odors


Made in Germany

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