Stair climber Liftkar PT Universal 130

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Product features:

  • Max load capacity 130kg
  • Weight 27.6 kg
  • Works on 2x12V batteries with 3 different movement speeds: I 1 step per minute II 14 steps per minute III 18 steps per minute
  • External assistance necessary for movement
  • Wheelchair quick attachment
  • Press and hold the control buttons on the handlebars.
  • Drives 300-500 steps in a row with fully charged batteries
  • Can be divided into three parts for transport. Stepping from step to step. It has wheels.


  • operating radius 300-500 degrees with one battery charge
  • user and wheelchair weight capacity 160 kg + device weight
  • maximum user weight including wheelchair 160 kg (at the moment the weight of the wheelchair is unknown, which can be approximately up to 20 kg)
  • total weight of the device 27.6 kg 5. maximum step height 20-22cm
  • maximum step depth 11cm
  • the presence of a charger
  • headrest
  • extra battery for extra money
  • seat belt
  • suitable for a wheelchair with a backrest width of min. 35cm, max 55cm
  • suitable for a wheelchair, frame height minimum 14cm
  • suitability for a wheelchair, seat height at least 35 cm from the floor
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