WendyLett turning bed sheet 100x200cm grey/white

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    The WendyLett Bed Turnover Sheet is designed for those who have difficulty turning over in bed. The smooth and silky center allows the patient to be turned with minimal effort. The sheet is made in such a way that when using it, it is not possible for the sheet to slip off the bed – the edges of non-slip material help to prevent this.

    WendyLett is made of several materials. Wonderful, soft cotton provides comfort, while strong polyester ensures functionality and durability. The quality of the materials is thoroughly tested, making sure that it is strong enough, durable and washable.

    The use of WendyLett helps prevent bedsores and is designed to turn the patient in bed.

    Dimensions: 100 x 200 cm

    Color: white/grey with stripes

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    WendyLett voodis pööramise lina 100x200cm hall/valge

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