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A very important product in medical and nursing facilities.

The rescue fabric is made of PVC nylon, to which strong straps and handles are sewn, which are used to secure the person and to carry the fabric. Adjusting the straps for a tighter or looser fit is very easy.

The rescue cloth is perhaps made of too good raw material considering its unique use. However, as manufacturers, it has been assumed that the work team must constantly practice evacuation and that the rescue fabric must withstand long-term and vigorous use.

Rescue fabric placed in the bed under the mattress and set ready for use. The rescue fabric remains permanently in the bed of the person lying down. When evacuating immobile persons, the straps are taken out from under the mattress and pulled over the person so that he remains comfortably in the mattress cocoon, then the straps are locked. The straps are tightened so much that the mattress comfortably wraps around the person. This way, the immobile person is ready to be transported immediately. One or more rescuers can then pull the immobile person from the bed to the floor and carry them to safety. With the rescue fabric, a person can be transported very quickly and safely also along stairs and various thresholds and obstacles.

The rescue fabric helps ensure quick and safe evacuation from the building in case of fire. Fire and immobility is the kind of situation that creates fear and horror. It is impossible for a disabled person to escape independently in the event of a fire. Unfortunately, we have read several times in the newspapers that rescues from buildings have been insufficient precisely because of insufficient aids. That’s why we offer a very important and necessary product in order to ensure safety: RESCUE FABRIC.

The rescue fabric is washable at 40 degrees. Dry cleaning allowed. Drying at max 90 degrees. If necessary, you can iron on 2 strength. Fire resistant.

The rescue fabric has handles and straps.

Dimensions: 75 x 180 cm

The fabric can only be white.

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