Pharmaceris H-Stimuforten Intensive hair growth promoting treatment 125 ml

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INDICATIONS: The product is recommended for women and men who occasionally experience excessive and premature hair loss. It helps to fight thinning hair due to genetic predisposition, hormonal (androgenic alopecia) or environmental factors. It effectively prevents hair loss caused by prolonged trauma, stress, fatigue, general weakness and lower hormone levels, e.g. after pregnancy. USE: Apply to the scalp. High tolerance and efficiency. Clinically and dermatologically tested. Advanced formulation designed for very sensitive skin. 79% inhibits hair loss 75% increases hair volume 67% makes the scalp less noticeable 63% stimulates hair regrowth 83% does not electrify hair 90% reduces burning and itching sensation 77% reduces the severity of damage 73% maintains prevent recurrence of skin redness.

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