Platform swing

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Offers plenty of multi-sensory capabilities with additional stabilizing features: a hanging disc to keep the swing moving smoothly and a carpeted platform to keep clients in place. With a single suspension point that allows the child to move through different planes of motion, increasing vestibular input and challenge. This durable swing has a strong Baltic Birch wooden base with a smooth edge for safety and a soft removable carpet pad. Safety snap included.

Load capacity: 360 kg

Sensory integration is a therapy that should be carried out by appropriately trained and qualified people. These swings are designed for controlled movement – they are not toys.

“Platform swing” is an important swing because it allows the child to work in different positions, such as sitting, lying on his stomach or lying on his back. The swing has ropes that the child can hold on to for support and thus the child can be encouraged to swing and move the swing by himself.

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