Jenile alarm systems

Jenile is created by a deaf person.
The company started in France in March 2016, when it started producing various alarm devices for deaf and hard of hearing people.
Their selection includes many different devices, starting with doorbells and alarm clocks, ending with smoke detectors.

Why choose Jenile product?
It is possible to connect 21 different transmitters to one Jenile receiver and thanks to the different colors you can know where the signal is coming from. In addition, the set can be supplemented at any time, because each product is easy to set up. If you have received a set, they are ONLY connected to your set. No one else’s Jenile set signal will be intercepted!
In addition, products can be purchased with a state discount if there is a certificate issued by a family doctor, specialist or rehabilitation team.

A receiver is a device that displays various signals with colors and in some cases also vibration and sound.
The transmitter is various devices (door and alarm clocks, baby monitors, smoke detectors, etc.) that transmit the necessary signal to the receiver.

In cooperation with the Rescue Board, we will install smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector sets in homes from 2020.

Catalogue 2021