BORT ManuDisc® Wrist Orthosis

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Immobilization is the basis for treating trauma and overload, the healing process is significantly accelerated. Wrist orthoses support injured tissue structures (joints, ligaments, capsules, cartilage). The BORT ManuDisc® wrist orthosis immobilizes the hand thanks to the volar splint. Dorsal extension, dorsiflexion, ulnar deviation of the wrist, as well as pronation and subination can be limited with practically complete immobilization.

How to use:
Before applying the BORT ManuDisc®, the specialist must shape the splint according to the contours of the hand. First, the volar splint should be bent at the wrist to obtain the desired position relative to the hand. Then you have to shape the stabilization parts that are placed on top of the wrist. The straps must then be closed on the arm and hand, making sure that the blood flow is not disturbed.

Pre-operative, post-traumatic or post-operative irritations in the wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome, disc injury, carpal arthrosis.

Peripheral artery disease, lymph drainage disorder and unclear tissue swelling, sensory loss and blood flow disorders in the corresponding body part, skin irritations in the corresponding body part. Tendon damage, compression syndrome, burns.

COMPOSITION 83% polyester, 17% microfiber polyester.

The product contains latex and may cause allergic reactions.

Size Wrist circumference
S 15-17 cm
M 17-19 cm
L 19-22 cm

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