BT PULL Orthosis for neurological diseases

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Orthosis for neurological diseases such as paralysis of the limbs with hyperflexion of the toes, affecting the sciatic nerve, common fibular nerve, brachial plexus or coccygeal nerve.

The orthosis can be used for neurological diseases that cause severe proprioceptive deficits, which means that the dog is unable to feel the position of its paw on the ground and therefore stands on the back of the paw (dorsiflexion). The BT Pull orthosis is also used for sciatic nerve damage to ensure that a neurological problem does not lead to an orthopedic problem that can occur from shortening of the leg flexor tendons.


The orthosis can be used to: prevent incorrect weight distribution on the limbs; to ensure correct and consistent stimulation of proprioceptive nerves even when walking; to ensure constant stretching of the toes and thus the stretching of the flexor tendons of the toes, thereby ensuring that they do not shorten.


  • Breatheable material
  • Hand washable.
  • Excellent durability.
  • The package comes with a reinforced material that can be used for severe hyperflexion of the toe joints, ensuring fuller mobility and for use in especially large dogs. The reinforcement can be removed if necessary.


While the movement is restricted, it is recommended not to leave the dog alone for a long time, so that he cannot remove the orthosis or damage it.

The knot at the top of the orthosis can be loosened to reduce tension to accommodate the mobility of the dog’s toe joints.


Available in five sizes

Size Weight
XXS 2 – 4 kg
XS 5 – 10 kg
S 10 – 20 kg
M 20 – 40 kg
L kuni 40 kg

All sizes can be ordered! Contact us!

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